A fabulous new range of gardening media for the home gardener to encourage
beautiful blooms, bountiful crops and aesthetically pleasing environments.
And as they’re manufactured in New Zealand by Daltons, you can be assured that
every bag contains quality product that will live up to it’s reputation.

Try Garden Time™ today
and watch your garden thrive!



Every gardener craves a flourishing, bountiful garden, whether it is grown in the ground or in containers. Daltons have just released a comprehensive new range called GARDEN TIME™ that has everything home gardeners need to get stuck-in, regardless of garden type. The cost effective range is exclusive to Bunnings and is a great option for gardeners who want to take the next step their gardening success. 


There is something for every gardening task; GARDEN TIME™  Potting Mix, Planting Mix, Compost, Complete Garden Fertiliser, Landscape Bark, and Play Sand for the kids. Also, available is the New Zealand first; Garden Time Chicken and Sheep Pellets.


The products are based on recipes which are used by commercial growers throughout New Zealand. 


Colin Parker, General Manager of Daltons said;

"We are delighted to launch this new range at Bunnings. We love what we do and constantly strive to produce quality products for Kiwi gardeners, so they can get the best out of their garden in all seasons”. 


The GARDEN TIME™ range is available exclusively at Bunnings stores nationwide.


Daltons Garden Time Chicken and Sheep Pellets

Available for the first time in the market is the cleverly combined GARDEN TIME™ Chicken and Sheep Pellets. The high-quality pellets offer a balanced source of organic nutrients, which are completely safe and easy to use.

The pellets slowly break down in the soil, providing important microbial activity, improving plant growth, healthy root development and increased fruiting and flowering. Available in 10kg retail bags.

Potting Mix

Daltons Garden Time Potting Mix 40L

GARDEN TIME™ Potting Mix is a one-stop potting solution for indoor and outdoor container growing and helps retain soil moisture to stop plants drying out. This mix has the best combination of composted  bark, coir fibre, and pumice, with added controlled release fertilisers, and suits a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, natives and edibles.

Planting Mix

Daltons Garden Time Planting Mix 40L

A perfect planting mix for raised beds, planter boxes, and garden beds, GARDEN TIME™ Planting Mix increases organic matter in all soil types and improves soil structure, drainage, and nutrient availability for plant roots. Available in 40L retail bags.


Daltons Garden Time Compost 40L

Compost plays a vital part in any garden. GARDEN TIME™ Compost is designed to be dug in with existing soil to boost plant growth and improve soil structure. It adds much needed nutrients to the soil and stimulates important micro-organism activity. Available in 40L retail bags.

Garden Fertiliser

Daltons Garden Time Garden Fertiliser 5kg

Suitable for the entire garden, GARDEN TIME ™ Complete Garden Fertiliser provides a balanced blend of fertilisers for a broad range of vegetables, flowers, seedlings, shrubs, fruit trees, ornamentals, perennials, roses, and bulbs. It can be added prior to planting or applied to the surface for established plants and trees. Available in 5kg retail bags.

Landscape Bark

Daltons Garden Time Bark 40L

Keep the weeds out with GARDEN TIME™ Landscape Bark which is made from bark recycled from NZ’s Pinus Radiata plantation forests. It is a renewable and sustainable resource that provides a natural look in any garden situation and protects plant roots against erosion and from drying out. Available in 40L retail bags.

Tomato Mix

GARDEN TIME™ Tomato Mix is blended from weed-free, natural and organic ingredients for strong, healthy fruit production.. Available in 30L retail bags.

Vegetable Mix

GARDEN TIME™ Vegetable Mix is a blend of quality ingredients designed specifically for growing vegetables in traditional gardens, raised beds or containers. Available in 40L retail bags.

Strawberry Mix

GARDEN TIME™ Strawberry Mix is designed specifically for growing strawberries in containers, raised beds and hanging baskets. Available in 30L retail bags.

All Purpose Fertiliser

GARDEN TIME™ All Purpose Fertiliser is a blended granular fertiliser that meets the complete nutritional requirements for all types of potted and garden plants. Available in 500g retail bags.

Play Sand

Daltons Garden Time Play Sand 15L

You can trust GARDEN TIME™ Play Sand to use in children’s sandpits and play areas. The sand is washed and screened, making it contaminant free for little ones. Available in 15L retail bags.

Garden Time Range Available at Bunning Warehouse

 Manufactured and distributed by

Manufactured and distributed by Daltons